The Present ... Open It Today!

Initially, I was captivated by Tonya TKO's 2009 video which resulted in the post 'How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks'. Eventually I was fascinated with her big spirit, her laughter, the comedy of her solo travel vlogs (OMG, Dominican Republic was a trip, she got robbed!) and later inspired by the expressiveness and emotions of some of her advice vlogs, particularly the motivational video below posted in September 2011.

Every now and again, Tonya's spirit and advice resound, reminding me to live in the present. Today Tonya posted a recent video "End Unhappiness Now" (I'm off to take a listen) but just yesterday while chatting with a fellow mom and new friend while waiting for our daughters to finish ballet, I mentioned Tonya's September 2011 motivational video. 

As I type this, I flashback to my February return trip from Italy and the pilot's peculiar message upon landing, "Today is a gift, that's why we call it the present!"  At the time, I just saved his words to the notebook on my phone. And just a while ago, I found the entire quote:

The clock is running. 
Make the most of today. 
Time waits for no man. 
Yesterday is history. 
Tomorrow is a mystery. 
Today is a gift. 
That's why it is called the present.

In the 1902 book, "Sun Dials and Roses of Yesterday: Garden Delights" by Alice Morse Earle, it is noted that the words "Time Waits for No Man" is a play on words or punning device of "gnomon" that has been used on sun dials. A gnomon is a pointer on a sun dial.

May you open and enjoy this PRESENT!

Crazy, I just heard a FB beep, alerting me of a new message. Believe it or not, it came from the ballet mom, "I'm so happy we met through our girls' dance. I just love spend time talking with you! So nice having time to talk so much last night! Have an awesome weekend. "

Nothing like THE PRESENT!

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