How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

"New YEAR New B@@TY: Week 0: Weight Measurements" was the 10 minute 30 second Youtube video that had me subscribe to TonyaTko's Channel. There was just something infectious about her laugh, as she stalled to take her measurements and weight. ... And tonight, I returned to her channel to see her progress, only to find the following video and more information about TonyaTKO.

TonyaTKO is a 6 year, self-taught freelance graphic designer. She taught herself how to use Photoshop and design. She has travelled the world, taking her computer to any country around the world that has internet access. She designs, uploads her designs and gets paid and then is able to travel some more. UPDATE: She designed the MoBanking Brochure for 1st National Bank in St.Lucia. 

Tonight, I got this most current video on TonyaTKO's Youtube channel, "Video Response: Re: Stretch-Marks Shea Butter TonyaTko's Secret." which had a link on the right. Clicked on the link "Watch this video FIRST" which led me to TonyaTKO's video below. 

TonyaTKO's special secret is mixing shea butter with olive oil to make stretch marks disappear for good with the use of all natural products, including a loofah to exfoliate the skin, consistently for at least 6 months.

... And I would agree with her, since I too have used concentrated olive oil which is an excellent moisturizer, just costly. Also I exfoliate my skin every day, with the use of facial scrubs and a bath brush. 

Interestingly enough, yesterday St.Lucian international model, Mala Bryan posted a video "Beauty Mix by Dominique Models."   Mala appears in that video at 1:06 and her beauty tip is "exfoliate as often as possible." 

This time, I smiled as TonyaTKO lathered on her concoction, all over her body ... enjoy!

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