My 3 Favorite Caribbean Photographers on INSTAGRAM

People usually gloss over, even forget that the smaller Caribbean islands exist. As a small island gal, here are 3 of my favorite photographers embracing and portraying the beauty of our lesser known Caribbean islands (St.Lucia, Grenada and St.Vincent & The Grenadines) on INSTAGRAM. Hope you enjoy and appreciate their photographs as much as I do. 

Andy Johnson - Grenada
On a Quest to make everyday simple things AWESOME..Nikon D7100/iPhone5s 

Rodney - St.Vincent & The Grenadines
I love freezing moments with my iPhone and sharing with the world.

Jasen D. Matoorah - St.Lucia 
IG: ja5e19
My passion, taking photos while taking in the scenes across Saint Lucia. 
All my photos taken with an iPhone5 or a Canon.

KISS. KISS. Gentlemen.

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