Jamaican Reggae Artist Chronixx On Jimmy Fallon Tonight!

Yeah man, I was in my friend's car heading to pick up my first ever Jamaica carnival costume during my most recent trip to Jamaica when I first heard 'Like A Whistle' by Chronixx. Never quite been a reggae fan, but 'Like A Whistle' was memorable not only for its lyrics, but because it was the only reggae tune I heard during that Jamaica carnival trip on the island known for reggae and home of Bob Marley. 

Chronixx starts 'Like a Whistle' with, "Can you hear me when I say put your lighters in the air? Lighters in the air, if you know your heart is clean like a whistle, like a whistle, heart clean like a likkle (little) whistle."  And ends with this, "Jah (God) over evil ... Bless up all of the clean heart people inna (in) the world. The ones with the dirty heart too, we still believe inna (in) you, we still have faith inna (in) you!" - Chronixx

When I returned to Virginia, probably 2 weeks later on Facebook a Vermont friend, DJ Big Dog posted a flyer stating that Chronixx would be in Vermont during the summer. Big Dog is a local Vermont reggae DJ who plays Nectars’ Mi Yard Reggae Night every Sunday. He plays a variety of the hottest roots, rocksteady and dancehall. It was in that moment, I decided that I would return to my previous home state, also the birth state of my daughter, Vermont to see Chronixx live in concert. It may come as a surprise but many artistes perform in Vermont. And Vermonters love reggae.  I recall seeing Jimmy Cliff, Beres Hammond, Luciano, Capleton, even Rupee (soca) and so many more artists in various genres when I lived there.

On July 2, as intended ... I became a major fan of Chronixx, that sultry voice, that slightly R&B flare, but true to his reggae roots of peace, love and good vibes, THAT SMILE! So it is my pleasure to share a few of my pictures, video of his live performance of 'Like a Whistle'. And I am going to ask you to tune into The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon tonight to show support for Chronixx and reggae music. Shit ... CARIBBEAN PEOPLE!

Flyer posted on board outside Metronome

My ticket

The venue setup

My rum and coke ... check the size.
 I forgot how good I used to get my money's worth of alcohol in Vermont!

Picture in the venue of BOB MARLEY

Those eyes (after he removed his shades)
And that SMILE ... after he finished his hour long performance! 

And a glimpse of me, serving summer's glowing skin ...
My personal video of Chronixx performing 'Like A Whistle'
(please excuse my first 6 second - sideway view)


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