How to Reduce Scar Marks

So I had a few marks from acne and with a planned trip to Trinidad & Tobago, the vanity is setting in. Since I do not have my usual tanned skin due this winter weather, the marks are noticeable to me. Anyway I decided to buy this fade cream, Nadinola Skin Discoloration Fade Cream (extra strength formula).

Two nights ago, I just rubbed over marks and woke up with red patches but noticed the scars definitely faded. Last night, I used again but this time, I applied to marks with a q-tip!

I definitely recommend this product if you want to clear up your face and quickly. It can be used on different parts of your body too.  ... And yes, I have no shame using fade products, I ain't trying to become lighter! I just want these marks to disappear and a blemish free skin tone.


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  1. great. I've used this product for several weeks and it did absolutely nothing unfortunately.