I've been laying low ... not because nothing is happening in my life. Actually, I've been very busy ... challenging myself. I lost the baby weight, so exercising, watching what I eat ('though it's summer and I am pouring myself a little more liquor and eating plenty more food) ... to picking up sewing and art classes. 

Yet, a recent trip to Los Angeles Carnival and I had fans of this blog still greet me .... cheering me on. I feel guilty like I've cheated you. Despite my being a terrible girlfriend, you've still stuck around. 

I have so many trips to fill you in on ... from New Orleans to Los Angeles. And the fact, that I feel like sharing, I'm hoping to get it together!

Thanks to my long time inspiration and friend Stefan who invited me, I  am one of 500 members of SWEAT 758, a group created by Lyndale James. 758 being my island Saint Lucia's area code ... and sweat, well maybe you will get the idea. 

I am so MF'n impressed with my 'Come on Friends, Let's Start a Book Club' member Courtney Junia and old S7 friend and artiste Ted M.Sandiford. Yet there are so many people who leave my jaw dropped on the daily! I see you Canice, Donavan, Prekere, Andra and Roxy! And got to love new mom Fifi, "When the baby wants to stop the sweat ‪#‎noway‬ let him join too 45 mins on the bike slow but sure." LOL.

I am so proud of these folks. Prouder that we are St.Lucians choosing positive outlets. Certainly not allowing themselves to fall by the wayside (a few faces are familiar and I know they ain't in their 20s. LOL). They are my every bit of inspiration! *Palms together* 

May you be inspired ... especially those in the *758* - Saint Lucia. Here's your opportunity to join their community and add and gain wealth!







You'll hear me once summer is over.  You have all inspired me!

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