The Wild Card Avant-Garde Leather Accessories - Carnival Monday Wear

While in Los Angeles for the LA Culture Festival - Hollywood Carnival, I visited the THE WILD CARD studio. What a treat since lately I have been dabbling with my sewing machine. Immediately, I eyed what I want for Trinidad Carnival Monday wear 2016.

The designer brand dares it customers to be different. Caribbean celebrities like Producer, Writer and DJ, Delano of Renaissance Sound and Giselle The Wassi One rock the designer brand too!

The Wild Card designs handmade leather avant-garde accessories such as:

Shoulder Spikes / Spiked Epaulets
Leather Clutches / Bags
Fringe Body Wraps
Fringe Neck Accessories
Heel Slips
Eye Patches

Here a few of my personal pictures of THE WILD CARD accessories


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