12 Tribes - Clothing for Conscious People

*probably the only time I'd have a reason to bawl this statement out here*

I hopped up when my brother and long time supporter of this clothing label, Natural Threads 12 Tribes Clothing messaged me to share the brand's online site. 

Over the years, particularly at Christmas, my brother has gifted my husband and I clothing from this Saint Lucian owned label. After 8 or so years, the clothing is still in great condition. 

In fact, I recently put a 12 Tribes pair of shorts into a bag for Goodwill, the shorts have now gone fully pum-pum (up under my ass) due to an increasing waistline and thicker thighs. *Thinking* I should run back to the bag for Goodwill and hand those shorts to my daughter. It would fit her perfectly and would be suitable for dance class. 

Natural Threads 12 Tribes is a brand for conscious people. The clothing embodies prominent symbols of Rastafarian culture; the colors (red, green and gold), Lion of Judah, Marijuana, Lighters and Revolution.

I peeped and noted the addition of clothing for colder climates; hoodies and long sleeve shirts with a wide selection of color options. Even new products ranging from coffee mugs, necklaces, clocks, socks and flip flops. The flip flops ...YES!

Not the norm, but I quite like this artistic "Midnight" tee 
the eyes are glowing the 12 Tribes logo. 

Flashback: 12 Tribes 

Looks like 12 Tribes is going to take my dollars this time!

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