Big City, Little Budget

The travel blog Oneika The Traveller should come as no surprise to you. As far back as September 2011, I shared her travel blog with Sweet 7 readers listing her as one of many Black Women Inspiring You to Travel. I mentioned her again in April 2013 when I shared my 12 of My Favorite Travel Blogs.

Confident that I see star power in individuals, The Sweet 7 is my expression of what I value in others and significantly share with others in this space. Oneika Raymond is another prime example of just that.

Oneika Raymond is a new host for the Travel Channel and her latest digital series has just gone live on Facebook. Her new show is Big City, Little Budget. Oneika shows us how to live large for very little cash in some of the USA's most expensive cities.

First stop: New York City. We’ll take a 3-episode deep dive into the most expensive city to live in (and visit) and find out clever ways to eat, travel and experience the culture on the cheap.  FYI: Don't hear anything? Click on sound button on bottom-right corner of the video.

Oneika expresses "This is literally the biggest thing I've ever done, and the culmination of years of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, self-doubt, and a huge helping of faith. I'm still pinching myself that Travel Channel gave me this opportunity. Would love your support so please like, comment, and share with your friends!! The travel media space is extremely white and mostly male, so having a sista host a travel series is a pretty big deal! Let's show Travel Channel that we like diversity/melanin and want to see more of it!"


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