What's happening in America?

Don Imus' racist "nappy-headed hos" remarks got him fired by CBS. Although I'm not a fan of the African American black leaders, I did agree with Al Sharpton's statement, "It's not about taking Imus down, it's about lifting decency up."

Now I have another matter that truly bothers me and I would like your help. I got an email from a fellow St.Lucian about a month ago with a documentary by a young film maker, named Kiri Davis. The name of her film is "A Girl LIke Me".

News Coverage on Kiri Davis' film

I thought her film was very interesting and left me asking, "which doll would I choose?" and "was I raised believing that I was beautiful?"

Anyway Cosmo Girl had a contest, cosponsored by Take Action Hollywood, inviting teenagers to submit short films about a social issue. Earlier this year, the films were posted on Cosmogirl's website, where readers were encouraged to vote for their favorites. The winner will receive $10,000 and be featured in the magazine's August issue.

On April 5, Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik, who writes the blog Afrobella, posted a message encouraging readers to vote for the film by Kiri Davis, the only African-American among the remaining three semi-finalists in a Cosmo Girl magazine contest. "I'm guessing that Kiri's film might not appeal to the typical CosmoGirl demographic," wrote Yursik. "But if you ask me, Kiri is the future."

Angel La followed up with a similar message on Concrete Loop, and within a few days Davis's film went from last place to first place in the voting. The rules, as they stood, allowed each person to cast one vote per day.

Yet, when Afrobella went on the Cosmo Girl site today to vote, she got this message:

"We have determined that the online voting has been corrupted as a result of one or more instances of tampering with the voting process by users. As a result, none of the online votes will be counted, and we will submit all three of the semi-finalists to our panel of experts for final judging and selection of a winner."

Anyway Concrete Loop, meanwhile, responded by asking readers to write to Cosmogirl and complain. She suspects the vote-tampering claim is bogus: "I don't want to speculate, but I personally believe that it wasn't going in the direction they wanted it to go in." She says she has yet to hear back from Hearst Magazines, which publishes Cosmogirl, about why the contest was suspended.

This is awful if Cosmo Girl did not like that Kiri was winning!

Since we are not "nappy headed ho's", ignorant or uneducated. Please speak up for this YOUNG FEMALE FILMAKER, forget that she's black. WE MUST BEGIN TO SPEAK UP!

So taken from Concrete Loop:


To send an email to Editor-in-chief, Susan Schulz, send to

Phone number: [ 212-649-3852 ] press (1) and ask for Susan Schulz

For questions about cosmogirl.com, please email webmaster@cosmogirl.com.

Want to send a letter? Write to:

Jill Percia
CosmoGIRL! Magazine
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  1. Thank you for giving the information, so that I can write a letter. I also did a blog post encouraging votes for Kiri and was surprised when I noticed that the voting was suspended.

  2. omigosh! i swear... i just posted about this, as I was shocked when I went back to check for the winning contestant also. previously, i joined afrobella and others encouraging them to vote and a reminder post for people to go back and vote again since you were able to vote once a day. how ridiculous! since my sentiments mirrored your post, i tried to check my train of thought and asked myself... why is everything racial?? whereas, i recently left an online discussion about how african americans usually bring racially charged or 'ethnic' perspectives, if you will, to convos, situations, etc. but goddamit if i'm not alone in this sentiment! it's just something our culture has evolved into from our history. despite our progress in this nation, we still always have to keep one eye open! let me go visit afrobella's site!

  3. Everything ISN'T racial. However, people are entitled to their opinions.

    When it's still very much a fact that we're judged by the color of our skin rather than the content of our characters, yes, race will come up in these situations.

    I don't think it was a conspiracy theory and I've been very vocal on that. However, I think CosmoGirl is doing a horrible job in managing this issue from the PR perspective.

    People have every right to question what happened and why.