Have you been to WALMART lately?

Ok, so I have never considered Walmart the place to buy clothes, until yesterday. I was breezing through the men's section on my way to the baby section, when I got some crazy 3/4 shorts for myself (yes, from the men's section). ... And since I love 'TOMBOY CHIC', I was inspired by the shorts, Beyonce wore at the end of her 'Irreplaceable' music video when she sang with her all female band. Anyway I bought 3 other items in Walmart. Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Nobo No Boundaries Desert Camel 3/4 Mens Shorts $14.84

George Navy Shadow Cropped Jacket $15.82

Nobo No Boundaries Shra Jacket $13

George Artic White Ruffle Shirt $12.82

Beyonce's 'Irreplaceable' music video

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