Doran Payne, Executive Chef

I grew up calling this young St.Lucian chef, "Long Legs". We grew up in the same neighbourhood. So when ever at home, I never fail to ask his mom how he is doing. Well I recently stumbled upon his name online and felt it necessary to share. If only I knew then what I know now, we all should have expected Doran to show us his skills back then.

Chef Doran Payne is a native of St. Lucia, "and subtle hints of the Caribbean crop up in many of his dishes ... thus Payne uses fruit, which is abundant in the Caribbean, as accent pieces in many of his dishes. An orange vinaigrette added sweet and tart notes to a peppery arugula salad draped with slices of pastrami-style duck. A lemon beurre blanc added bright notes to a meaty crab cake topped with tendrils of fried leek. ... Among main courses, golden pieces of halibut matched well to roasted artichokes and littleneck clams, served around a pile of lemony couscous. Applewood-smoked fava beans were the surprise treat in a grouper entree." Entrees: $21-$28

Visit him when next in Chicago @ Rhapsody, 65 E. Adams St., 312-786-9911; contemporary American with global influence.

Video with Doran "Long Legs" Payne

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