Stylish Mommy-To-Be

It's almost been a year since I gave birth to my lil' sweetie pie. How I dreaded the 9 months of pregnancy. I felt odd shaped and was tired of going to the bathroom every 5 minutes. So I soon resorted to wearing dresses mostly, 'cause when I wore pants I always left my zipper down. Always mindful that a stranger would get a peak of my undies. Yet, what a difference a year makes! There are so many more maternity websites. So congrats on your lil' munchkin and this is for you, 'STYLISH MOMMY-TO-BE'.

Leaf Print Cambric Smocked Dress $19.99

Crinkle Chiffon Printed Dress$29.99

Bisou Bisou Maternity Rouched Print Dress $29.99 - $34.99

Maxi Dress $184

Sleeveless Dress $45

Stretch Sateen Sheath $12.99

Belly Basics Maternity Polka Dot Halter $58

Belly Basics Maternity Cap Sleeve Top $55

Stretch Stripe Blouse $27

Pink White Flower Maternity Tank Top $19.99

Red Padded Maternity Tank Top $19.99

Olian Acapulco Halter Maternity Top $78

Blue White Pattern Maternity Tank Top $19.99

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