About Us ... Caribbean Youth!

BoomTribe is a youth lifestyle brand, providing a range of Caribbean entertainment products and services on its website. Its members are young Caribbean people, not only within the region but around the world.
Originally a very popular up-and-coming DJ group, in just 18 months BoomTribe grew its events business from small house parties to become Barbados' most talked about events. Relying exclusively on the Internet and the World Wide Web for promotion, to sustain customer relationships and create a sense of community, BoomTribe captured the imagination of the marketplace.

Members can download and stream music and video, view photos of events around the diaspora, catch up on breaking entertainment and culture news and reviews and feature articles. BoomTribe is a fun-loving company with a sense of humour, which seeks to realize the vision of a company that embraces its patrons and members, placing them at the core of its business.

Best feature: The Photo Galleries from vartious island fetes (parties)! Here are a few pics. from St.Lucian Carnival 2007. I got a glimpse of a few people I know ... and I could not even show you all! Hehe.

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