Twelve by Twelve by Forever21

I have spent my 20s shopping, wondering if my style would always remain, Forever 21. I love their "cheap chic" clothes but I must admit because of its popularity, lately I have strayed from Forever 21. (...And it helps, not having a store in Vermont! *Although that did not derail me, poor Bart (Mr Brown (UPS)!)

So I am looking forward to its new more more sophisticated and "luxed-up" line, Twelve by Twelve. Twelve by Twelve is derived visually, the number 12 is a reversed 21, and also there are 12 designers, hence 'Twelve by Twelve'.

The spin off collection still promises the friendly price tags with high fashion attitude. Prices are 35% higher than Forever 21 but less than $100. The line will aim for the new 30 somethings (20s to 50s)

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