Miami Carnival 2008 - SocaVIVOR & TRIBE IGNITE

Listen LIVE to my old Miami college friend, Abhi aka Earthquake Sound/DJ Kondred on "Real Deal Radio". This week listen LIVE every day @ 5PM except on Thursday since he is covering for someone.  DJ Kondred's regular shift is Saturday from 6-8PM and Thursday from 2-4PM. Abhi plays it all, "I dj mostly dancehall on da radio. @ da club I play dancehall, reggae, hip-hop, r&b, and soca.  And sumtimes a lil house and alternative 2!" The Sweet 7 will soon feature Abhi aka Earthquake Sound/DJ Kondred.

So while I was listening, I heard this advertisement for 
"Socavivor 8" for Miami Carnival
Lucians in the Mix: Ricky T & Teddyson John (TJ)
Sounds like a blast! 

Then a few weeks ago, I got this flyer for 
 TRIBE Carnival Band "Miami Ignite"

Ohh, the thought of heading to Miami. 
My old stomping ground!  LOL!

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  1. i can't waitttttttttt!!!!!!!! That TRIBE fete sounds hella sexy!!!! And I WILL be there!! LOL!