Makeup for TRIBE 2009 Sections

More makeup video tutorials for Trinidad Carnival 2009, specifically TRIBE Carnival Band, "Birds of A Feather."

Neutral Eyes Lined with Teal - Perfect for various sections, just change your eyeliner color. Bird Of Paradise, Golden Dove, Kiskidee, Night Owl & Pheasant

Green & Yellow - Leslie's 1st Contest! Entry #2-Part 1 - Wild Parrot

Red, Green, Yellow: Rasta Look * Red-Yellow-Green look tutorial - Wild Parrot

Silver, Red, & Black - Flight of the Ibis

Pink and Yellow - Caged Canary

Green, Blue & Purple Eyeshadow Look - Hummingbird

Purple and Blue - Ruby Topaz

Light blue, Green & Silver - Blue Tanager, Spangled Continga

Black & Gold - Pheasant

Yellow & Black - Golden Dove & Kiskidee


  1. Wow this is so cool. I can never get my eye shadow right and I've always wondered to get it to look like that!

  2. Hey, u forgot Brazilian Macaw! :(