If I Were A Boy - BC Jean (not Beyonce!)

This is less about bashing Beyonce but more about exposing and giving credit to BC Jean. BC Jean is a singer / songwriter who actually wrote the song,”If I Were a Boy.” San Diego native BC Jean wrote "If I Were A Boy" with a German producer Toby Gad for an album they were working on together but when a deal fell apart for the unsigned artist, Gad began shopping the song around on his own, with both Miley Cyrus and Beyonce's camps interested in the song. While Disney eventually backed off because Miley wanted the song toned down and Jean refused, Beyonce's people became convinced that this was their artist's next hit single and wouldn't take no for an answer. BC Jean didn’t even know that her song was recorded by Beyonce until it hit the news and Matthew Knowles aggressively pursued the publishing rights to her song so that he could put Beyonce’s name on the writing credits.

*Speechless ... And like my mom said, "Beyonce now leaves you to wonder if she even wrote all those other songs herself!"
Shameful Beyonce!*

Here is BC Jean's version of her song, "If I Were A Boy"
If I Were A Boy - BC Jean
More info on BC Jean, visit ...


  1. hmmmm .... very interesting .... this version is very good too ... love that song!

  2. Definitely like this version MUCH more than Beyonce.