BACCHANAL BABY - Stylish West Indian apparel

Another young St.Lucian, Fiona Compton is bringing you, BACCHANAL BABY! 

BACCHANAL BABY sells stylish West Indian apparel for any country - personlised stuff available on request.

"It is common kowledge that West Indian people are the most patriotic on earth, taking upon any opportunity they can to show the world where they are from.  We may travel to the ends of the earth, down to the deepest valleys or climb the highest mountains, cross wide seas, arid deserts, into the concrete jungles or into the vast unknown. Yet our home is always close to our hearts, and we aspire to spread that love of country through our wear. We hope that you will join us in reppin' the most beautiful region in the world."

Check out Fiona wearing her Luscious Lucian Tee!

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  1. the first time i saw those tees were nottinghill 07 i think. i was waiting for heeeer since the time! congrats fifi. we have karlyn now ms. fiona compton. lucians doing big tingzz!