Fashion Advice for Every Woman, Particularly Plus Sizes!

Not everyone is a dress size 0 to 5, and I have friends who are not my size, yet when they dress they can put lots of skinny women to shame. They are fashionistas too with "killah" style and accessories to match! Put it this way, I'd buy their clothes in my size. So when a friend, recently posted pictures from her recent cruise to Bermuda, I immediately asked her to share a few of her shopping tips!  Her advice is for every lady, regardless of size!

Fashion Advice for Every Woman, Particularly Plus Sizes!
by Malaika P.

Confidence + adventurous + having that 1 part of your body you just love = my fashion sense.

Being a plus size girl, most of the runway or magazine looks do not cater to me, so I made up my own. I never think about what people would think of me if I wear a certain outfit, as long as I love it and it fits comfortably, I wear it. I always tell myself that everyone, no matter the size, shape or color has that one part of their body that they love, for me it is my legs, so most of my outfits show leg. This is my secret to feeling beautiful all the time, because I know that what I am showing is what I love and that is good enough for me. So figure out what part of your body you love and work it!!!

Undergarments play an important role when dressing for us special, different girls because you are able to accentuate and cover-up with the perfect set of undies – I get mine from Lane Bryant and Fredericks of Hollywood.

I am a sun, beach and pool lover, that's why on vacation my day outfits are mostly a simple pair of shorts or a short skirt, paired with a sexy shirt/top. The simpler the bottom piece, the bigger and flashier the top. I love halter or strapless sundresses – they allow for great accessories. My make up is always simple to none at all. Keep in mind – I always have my swimsuit under my clothes. 

For day outtings that are more low key (drinks or lunch with friends) - I love linen pants. Think French women - always looking gorgeous in their wide linen pants and fitted tops with accessories, and a pair of flats or sandals. My grandmother taught me the beauty of that look. You can get it at - La Redoute or

At nights, I am a total girl – I love fluid, long, mid-calve or ankle, low back dresses and sexy, face and neck enhancing jewelry. I play with my make-up a lot more at night because you need to enhance more at night I believe. 

Never be afraid to show some skin – not too much – but show some. 
We are worth it even though we do not fit in the typical mold. 
Wear the strapless top to show your neckline!
Wear the shorts with heels to make your legs appear longer!
Wear the halter to make your bust perkier!

Again - and to be honest – because of our size, combining all these tips into one outfit will be wayyy over the top, BUT in every outfit sneak in some sexiness, a little for us goes a long way.

I must admit – I love to shop online. I may sound like a nerd but, I like to write and print out the pictures of outfits, along with shoes and look at them before hand. That way I choose perfect color matches and do not repeat combinations. 

My favorite stores/designers:

Swimsuits: Newport-News, New York and Company, Target. 

GO BOLD – bright colors. The lie that the bigger the girl, the darker her clothes should be, it just that – A LIE! Wear the bright colors it will give your skin a fresh look.

Heavy at the bottom (hips, thighs, legs)? – Work with the top (bust, back, neck). Halters, strapless, one shoulders, criss cross back tops are your friends.  With flowy tops – empire waist tops, button down shirts with long sleeves folded up and big jewelry.  POP THAT COLLAR – it makes our necks long and sexy!

Heavy at top? – Flaunt the legs and thighs. Wear those short shorts, short skirts, rompers. 

We all have something that needs to be admired … Find out what yours is and show it!!!

Girlie, thanks for the great advice, I could not have agreed more.  
By the way, my asset are my shoulders ... and I know how to work it!  LOL!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing fashion advice for plus size women. I too love to shop online and New York & Company is my most favorite place for shopping.