Must Have Makeup - Milani Eyeshadow and Kryolan Eye Liner!

On my recent trip to Thailand, I did not want my makeup bag to be too heavy and excessive yet since the plan was to carry less ... my makeup had to be effective. Other than my regular mascara, foundation and blush, two products that made my packing list which left me more than satisfied are Milani Cosmetics > RUNWAY EYES Fashion Shadows and BLACK Aquacolor Eyeshadow Base Eyeliner KRYOLAN Goth.

Milani Cosmetics > RUNWAY EYES Fashion Shadows $8.99 was a random drugstore pick up ... well worth the money. Colored eye shadow must pop, especially on my black skin tone which either varies in snow temperatures where I am very light to warmer temperatures where my skin tone is a deeper tone and tanned. ... After using this product, I'm on the hunt for other shades. Since my packaging has somewhat faded, I believe the shade I got was 16 Bright Eyed (seen below).

The other was a .45-ounce jar of jet black eyeliner, BLACK Aquacolor Eyeshadow Base Eyeliner KRYOLAN Goth $8. Must be applied wet (just one drop of water or saline solution will do the job)! Once it dries, it is totally smudge-proof! So perfect for creating super-dramatic looks, and the color is very long-lasting! Also works great as a base.  This product I'll have for a life time!

Proud to say I made the necklace .. and it was my b'day! LOL!


  1. i agree with the milani. i used that same eye shadow for my prom, worked like a dreamer imo. (too bad dey in all shades of blue) since u recommended it, ill value it more and also look out for it.

  2. Hey sweet 7 im an avid follower of your blog. Im looking for a leather mini dress (leighton miester) inspired thats chic. Cant seem to find any, can you do a post on it