My Flight to Thailand!

For those of you, only now being introduced to me … before I started this blog, I was an avid personal journal writer on Hi5,  I built such a following; from my friends, those who sort of knew me and those who never knew me till then.  I often miss those Hi5 days when I expressed every and anything that was on my mind, or when I made characters of the real life people that entered my life and the various situations that engaged me in my life daily. 
When I found out I was pregnant, not only did life change but I went into hiding, becoming very protective … I stopped writing in my journal.  A fear that if my then pregnancy did not go as planned, how could I take back what I had disclosed to the world! 
That Hi5 journal revealed my 2 personalities.  What I referred to as the good me and the actual me … the one who is the trouble maker, my lil devil of sorts, THE BITCH!  She says exactly what’s on her mind, she speaks the truth in my head but "good me" keeps it bottled in so as not to risk hurting anyone.  She too is always tempting “good me” to be a lil more risqué!  ... And then, the negotiator of the two, is Ms Reason.  
So when I had my daughter, Facebook was starting to be the new “IT” social networking site and I could post hundreds more pictures.  … And the journal option was not available to me on Facebook.  So I started, The Sweet 7 since staying home with a baby and not being able to go out to shop allowed me to satisfy my need but it also limited what I felt I truly could reveal about myself on this blog.   I am hoping that after 2 years with you … that you welcome this change!
So welcome to a lil’ glimpse into my world … I will reveal my notes on my 24 hour trip to Thailand, which started me off at Washington, D.C to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Bangkok, Thailand, and a few hours later, to Phuket, Thailand. 
To begin … you’re going to take most of this 24 hour flight with me, and in days to come, I’ll take you on vacation with me to Thailand.
Nov 9, At 10:50PM, we were supposed to embark on a journey to Thailand, instead a flight delay due to mechanical pressurization problems, caused us to leave at 12AM EST time.
After some dinner and a glass of white wine, a few chapters of Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol,”  I fell out.

I awake again at what seems to be 4:30AM EST, really only slept for the last four hours.  In the aisle across from me a passenger has his window slightly ajar and it’s bright outside like daylight, not sure if it’s early AM or late PM or somewhere in between.
 4:50 AM EST – We’re still over the Atlantic, west of cities London and Paris.
I’ve tuned into in flight Music Channel 12,where I’m greeted by my favorite artist of all time PRINCE, “Purple Rain.”  Finishing any minute now … what’s next?
2821 miles travelled
I switch!  (ODD when I listen to music!)
5AM EST: The passenger in front of me got fed up with the opened, light inducing window from the passenger side of me who is knocked out, and shuts it close as he heads to the back of the plane.  The cabin is dark again!
9:15 AM EST: Woke up about an hour ago, Charlie (my husband) was sleeping on my lap when a flight attendant, walked by and asked if he’d like some eye covers (not certain what the proper name is), due to my reading light which I have on over head.  We’re flying over the Black Sea; north of Istanbul, South of Kiev and east of Bucharest. 
Time since departure 9 hours and 5 minutes. 
Distance traveled 5314 miles
Reading the Lost Symbol – according to the Mayan calendar the end of the world is December 21, 2012!  What does that mean? (Mayan Math) ... BTW, that's my husband's people.  His family is from Guatemala!  Just want to say that the book clarifies, that really that date, "will not be the end on mankind, but really a change in the way we think!"
For the truth about the end of days: Study the Bible
Read The Book of Revelation
Yes, that’s where my mind was at, thanks to this book!
9:50 AM EST: Still reading but The Lost Symbol has me more interested in tattooing my body, right side of my hip with a Scorpion, and in Thailand it shall be done!  I will put this symbol on me, ‘cause I am so and will always be SCORPIO!
What we have done for ourselves alone, dies with us;
What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal"
---- reminds me of this blog, The Sweet 7 … and my feeling about The Sweet 7.  … And even this new tattoo will die with me!  Hmm, TWISTED, I know.
Still reading, just discovered that a character in the book, Mal’ahk is …. (don’t want to reveal for those who are yet to read this book) , a feeling that I got when I was half way through, in Chapter 62.  Not sure how I feel.  Must mention it to Christina (my friend) who already read the book and when I mentioned my thoughts to her from about Chapter 62, her only response was “continue reading!”  "Hmm, what does it say when I tune into my 3rd person?  I MUST LISTEN!"
 10:55 AM EST: DISTURBED still with the revelation, I discovered earlier.  Again, not sure exactly how I feel. 
So apparently I begin to think music, ‘cause I’m listening to Charlie’s IPOD which has my ITUNES playlist uploaded …
Slighty into sexual songs …
Vybz Kartel – Sexy & Seductive & Yuh Love
2:55PM EST Landed in Dubai, but barely enough time to catch our Thai Airlines flight to Bangkok.  Only concern is that my checked luggage makes it in time.  Yep, I landed here same day for my birthday trip last year, November 10th.  CRAZY … what does that mean in the cycle of life and time?
We made the Thai flight …
Watching Julie/Julia.  And the smell of Thai food swarms the cabin.  The first bit of Thai, since my trip … I can’t wait. 
One thought, about landing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates … despite being in an Arab country and even while seated in this Thai Airline … I am realizing the power of a smile and it’s the only form of communication that I use that seems to be getting me by.  Not only differences in languages is a set back but in Dubai … women are second class citizens, not to be listened to any way!
Another random thought … Every male Thai Airline flight attendant is NOT the least bit gay!  No offense! I hope you get what I’m saying … with airline seats that are pink, purple and orange … certainly not the kind of color scheme where I’d expect to see what seems to be very straight men! 
As for those drink carts.  They have been up and down the aisle from the time we boarded (took off).  So what's up with US Airlines? I had a glass of wine served in the cutest, lil’ stemless glass, reminiscent of a shot glass.  I handed mine to Charlie so he could put it away …. for keeping!  LOL!  I hope I have 6 by the end of this six hour flight, to Bangkok.  Ok 4 will do, 6 glasses is way too much.  LOL!
Drinking white wine: Charette Chardonay 2007
Meal Choice: Chicken or Shrimp with Rice … and I’m in economy!
 3:40 PM EST: We’ve got 4 glasses!  Ghetto, I know. Not only, but it also means I'm knockin back the wine! LMAO.
 6:20 PM EST: Finished reading The Lost Symbol and I AM ELIGHTENED.  More so interested in reading the Bible. 
Also very interested in reading about SENSUALITY, Burlesque, Moulin Rouge … I see POWER.  There’s something about being charming … a seductress of sorts.
My lil advice: After reading The Lost Symbol, I am certain now that ...
God is within me, and not above me!  
I am the CREATOR and not the CREATED!  
So I ran back through this book  in which I’m making my lil notes and realized that I have my BUCKET LIST (as of Thanksgiving and watching the Wendy Williams Show, my bucket list will now be called my BASKET LIST) that I made a few weeks ago.  Honestly without even concentrating or forcing myself to live out, I’m already knocking them off.  Not sure if it’s because it’s on paper, and out and exposed into the world and not just in my thoughts.  
I have been reading (working on my mind), I am exercising (working on my body) and after reading the Lost Symbol, I know I need to work on my spirit.  Take time to create a BASKET LIST of sorts, no matter how big or small.   Go learn a new dance, or a new art, try something you've never done before, or even do something which terrifies you or you hate to do … And make it happen, we are THE CREATORS.  
The world is at your fingertips!
Make it happen today, don’t wait for tomorrow!
 Again, I rant and rave …
 From the start of this trip, I want another tattoo, THAILAND WILL TATTOO ME!
Some more songs come to mind:

Each lady on this Thai flight got this corsage before de-boarding ... we've arrived Bangkok, Thailand!


  1. Now I'm interested in reading Lost Symbol, avid fan of his read all his other books, will have to give this a read....oh and thanks for the very detailed journey/flight to Thailand!

  2. LOVED THIS Sweet7 journal entry... oh my goodness I remember how I used to come home everynight, tired from all my work negiotiations and bullshit talk.. all I needed to feel better was a bathe, a glass of wine and Ny's Hi5 journals... to smile, laugh, cry...
    Girl you are a true inspiration..... never let anyone tell you are a WONDERFUL GIFT TO THIS WORLD...
    P.S. I finished The Lost Symbol on my B-day morning - had me thinking the entire day... powerful book...

  3. Great read sweet looking forward to the next installment

  4. Awesome post Ny! I can't wait to read Part dos.....LOL. I have a super HECTIC week at work, it'll be an awesome coffee break!!! LOL

  5. Awesome! Can't wait to hear more and see more great pics. HOpe you had a great bday!

  6. Thanks for supporting Vybz Kartel's single "Yuh Love!"