St.Lucian Shala Monroque in NY Magazine

"A street-style icon and fashion demi-celebrity who has the distinction of being a central inspiration for two of this era’s most powerful visual tastemakers, Monroque, 32 ... "

"She’s a shy woman, slightly formal and sphinx-like. She abhors talking about her life, unspooling stories reluctantly. Monroque was brought up near the beach in St. Lucia, where her family still lives, and didn’t leave the island ­until after she graduated from high school. “I always knew as a kid that I wanted to live in America,” "

"Monroque’s mother ran a gift shop at a hotel, and she brought her daughter copies of theVogue and Tatler magazines that the shop couldn’t sell, usually tearing off the front covers so that they could be sent back to the publishers for reimbursement. She was also close with her aunt, who made trips to New York’s garment district every few months to buy copies of high-fashion American clothes for Trendy’s, a boutique she ran on the island. “I always loved dressing and had the newest things, but I always had the fifties ideas,” says Monroque. "

"She’s just returned from a safari to Botswana and Namibia, and next week, she’ll be back in St. Lucia, on a shoot for Japanese Vogue."

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Article and Photos Source: NY Magazine

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