Sweet Eyes ... Living Rooms

A lil' summer cleaning and nesting has peeked my desire to add a hint of color and a touch of whimsy to my dining room and formal living area. Yet, I have no desire to paint my egg shell walls or spend a whole lot of loot. Thanks to re-runs of The Nate Berkus Show, I've been inspired. ... And thanks to Nate's regular guest "Mr. Goodwill Hunting ... helping you live your BEST life through thrifting" (just tour Mr. Goodwill Hunting's home), three ideas already come to mind: 

1. Switch out my dining room chairs (keep the table) with 4 of the same, mismatched ones
2. Buy and refurbish a floor lamp 
3. Buy bold fabric (or mat) either in print, color and even texture

Here are 2 others pics which I discovered this week ... Cassie's apartment in NYC
... just loving the nostalgic feel!
and this one from Style Like U

... And here's my daughter's room, the imperfect picture got it right!

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