FINAL 24 HOURS to VOTE #PR9ANYA - Project Runway Fan Favorite

'Though I'd like to say that I've consistently watched Project Runway with Trinidad designer Anya Ayoung Chee this season, I can't.  Lifetime is just not my channel!  .... And I've been far too engaged with other things.  

Anyway I have made every effort to support the Trinidadian designer, by voting for her to win Project Runway Fan Favorite, simply 'cause she also represents me, the Caribbean woman.  I'd like to think if you're from the region, you view her the same or just want to see her win.

So 'though Anya thanked her fellow country men and women, of Trinidad and Tobago in the letter below for their tremendous support, I'm asking that with almost 24 more hours till the deadline of a Project Runway Fan Favorite, that we do not leave this task entirely up to Trinidadians to vote for #PR9ANYA (Anya).

Here are the most recent stats as of Wednesday 12:21AM ... 
Anya is not in the lead ... she needs more than 20, 000 votes to at least catch up!

Options to VOTE:
1. Sign in to Twitter and vote by using Anya's hashtag which is #PR9ANYA in your tweets. Only one tweet per user will be counted as a vote within a five minute period.  So spend tomorrow tweeting her hashtag #PR9ANYA every 5 minutes!

2.  Visit PROJECT RUNWAY FAN FAVORITE and vote for Anya!

Example tweet: #PR9anya for ProjectRunway Fan Favorite. Vote for ANYA at ... only 24 more hours to go! Anya needs your vote!

3. Here's how to brilliantly schedule tweets every 5 minutes today: PROJECT ANYA

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