St.Lucia Jounen Kweyol - Food Pictures

So earlier this week, Trinidadians were ranting about the food of Diwali.  Well let me show you what Lucians will be feasting on ... this weekend, for Jounen Kwéyòl.

"Jounen Kwéyòl (Creole Day) is a Saint Lucian festival that celebrates Creole culture. It is held on the last Sunday of October across the entire island, and has been held annually since 1984. 

On the Sunday of this week, the various towns chosen to host this festival put out the result of their grand preparations; local dishes and foods such as roast breadfruit, Green Fig and Salt Fish (The National Dish of St.Lucia), plantain, king fish, Manicou (opossum), Souse (a soup made with pork and often cucumber), fried bake and floats, Accra (a fried dough which contains salt fish), Paime (otherwise known as Conkies) and a famous dish known as Bouillon (fish, chicken or meat stewed with dasheen, yams, plantains, banana and dumplings) Also local drinks such as Cocoa Tea, Golden Apple Juice, Soursop, Tamarind, Guava Juice and more." - - WIKI

The Food ... 
creole bread, float

cocoa tea, cucumber salad

Photos Source: Stefan Biscette

bakes and accras


stew fish

seafood callaloo (soft shell crabs, lobster meat, squid, lambi/conch, octopus, corn)

fish broth

ground provisions ... yam, dasheen

red bean bouillon


breadnut and pemy

salad ... advocado, tomato, lettuce

dessert - praslin, tablet, rock cake, coconut cake, turnover
Photos Source: Claude Desir

black pudding

koff fish



grilled corn

crab callaloo

pig tail


cashew nuts



Photo Source: Vincent McDoom

So after all that food, don't cry! 
A lot of us,  away from home feel the pain and emptiness in our stomachs!
I'll survive making accra, bouillon or breadfruit and saltfish this weekend.
... And it's been a long time since I have made rock cakes.

... And if that was not enough torture, after writing this post, I get this email from my mom:

S&A (the family business) had our Jounen Creole lunch today, it went well. lol. Hot Bakes and Cocoa tea, Salt fish, Smoked Herring, Joan's Red Beans and pig tail Boullion, Fish & Ground Provisions, Coconut tablet & Stewed Golden Apple. Going to Uncle ...... in Cul de Sac on Sunday. Wish you were here. "


Apart from the food part, the event is collaborated with kweyol music some of which have been been past down to and from many generations. The most widely used instrument besides vocals are the Tambos (drums) and are beaten throughout as people speak in the creole language and have a merry time. 

Most people commemorate this day by wearing the island's National Wear such as the Wob Dwiete. Persons who do not want to wear the extreme layers of skirts and dresses make clothing out of special plaid material called Madras which is one of the cloths used in the national wear. Among the places which celebrate it every year are Mon Repos and Dennery." - WIKI

Photos Source: Stefan Biscette


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