Fitness Studios Stream Classes Online

I could use a lil' inspiration to get back into shape, after giving birth to my son (my 2nd child) 3 weeks ago. Feeling like instead of a strict diet and exercise for another 4 weeks, I could find comfort in food, goodies, wine and no exercise! Preferring to find any excuse that I just don't have the time to workout. But how practical would that be if I expect to don a Trinidad 2012 costume in 4 weeks?  

I've also never been the gym type. More so, I was reminded today why, when a conversation in a BBM group went like this:

FEMALE: Gym Vent: I am certain this gym was designed by a man. Why are the stretch mats (which are usually dominated by women) RIGHT next to the dumb bell area (which is usually dominated by males)?  *Raised eyebrow* Got me stretchin' out on the bar and people watchin' me!

MALE: And that is why the stretch mats are next to the dumb bell area so the women can get all hot and bothered watching the men work out.

And if I were to have any male / female or human issues when it came to the gym ... I just can't fathom a man watching me get all hot and bothered. Neither do I have any desire to be around other sweaty bodies!

So this recent CNN article, "Fitness studios stream classes online" may just inspire me (maybe you too). What ever our excuse for not hitting the gym, these studios stream live group classes daily, so we can log in at home and participate in the classes.

GREAT IDEA ... and I'm thinking, just one more reason to strengthen the ever growing, undeniable relationship between my computer (the internet) and myself!

Photo: Yep, that was me last year at this time!


  1. Nyree, I love your article on onine fitness studios classes ! Thanks for sahring : I'll start today as I'm not a gym addict myself... See you in a month !

  2. Oh wonderful.

    The FlirtyGirl live streams are right up my alley. I also like how the trainer takes time to explain each exercise, and the body parts we're working. So, looks like ... see you in a month!