St.Lucia Carnival 2014: Favorite Just 4 Fun Costumes

Last weekend, I was in Jamaica for their carnival, and missed the Just 4 Fun "What Lies Within" costume launch. Due to the early released Just 4 Fun costume teaser video, I noticed the difference, a great improvement in costume design from previous years. So the morning after their band launch, Just 4 Fun gave me an *eye opener* and received a "WOOPIE" from me. It was LOVE.

I have happily jumped in both bands (unlike plenty folks who consider that a cardinal sin), RED for their sexy costumes and J4F for their vibe. So dare I say it? Today is the morning after Red Unlimited "10 Shades of Red" and I have seen pictures of their 10 costumes, but this is the very first year that Just 4 Fun costumes take the win over RED Unlimited costumes in design, variety and even color combinations.

... And Just 4 Fun made sure to take lots of pictures to help us decide: What Lies Within Costumes

My Just 4 Fun Favorites
I'd rock any of these.


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