St.Lucia Carnival 2014: Sedale - Bumper Hunter

Oh yes, Sedale & Deeper Than Soca are back! Carnival is in the air once again and the excitement amongst party goers and revelers is at an all-time high. After a hiatus in 2013, Sedale and his Deeper Than Soca crew return to make their first contribution to the 2014 St. Lucia Carnival Season with his new release entitled ‘Bumper Hunter.’ Written by the talented Soca Artist Sedale & produced by Francis ‘Leebo’ DeLima and Stephen ‘Horseface’ Mathurin, this song is sure to take the Caribbean by storm. 

‘Bumper Hunter’; a rhythmic fusion between Dancehall and Groovy Soca is definitely a crowd pleaser as it details the lengths the artist is willing to go, in pursuit of all the bumpers that come out during the carnival season. Sedale rhymes, ‘Find her on Facebook because mi like de way her bumper look.’ This lyric attests to the conquest every man wants to make after spotting that particular ‘ASSet’ With the upcoming Soca fetes, ladies you better get ready because these Bumper Hunters are ready to chase …. They whining on everything! R u Ready?

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