Caribbean Nationals Living & Working in The Middle East Documentary

The premiere episode of 'Sanford-Belle presents' was shot in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She told the The St.Lucia Voice, "These episodes shot (in part) in The Middle East are truly representative of our natural tendency to integrate as Caribbean people. The participants hail from various Caribbean Islands, including St Lucia, and the information they share really invokes a sense of Caribbean pride. That’s how I felt, when I heard their stories, and I hope that that translates to an empowering viewer experience.”

I had the pleasure of introducing two Caribbean nationals living and working in Dubai interviewed by Onel Sanford-Belle to each other. Since I had visited Dubai in 2008, and it usually is a connection point during my Thailand trips, when my St.Lucian friend Siobhan told me that she was relocating to Dubai, I immediately wanted her to have the support and friendship of a fellow Caribbean male friend, Corie who was already living in Dubai.  ... And ever so often, the two tag me in pictures when they are socializing.

Catch the premiere episode again tomorrow Tuesday 20th May, 2014.  The episode is being aired in 22 Caribbean Islands and the US Tri-state area - New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on CARIBVISION at 8:30pm EDT and on DBS TV St.Lucia at 9:00pm EDT. For those of you without access to CaribVision, the episode will be streamed via Onel Sanford-Belle at 9:00pm.

Here's a promotional video for the premiere segment: Caribbean Nationals Living & Working in Dubai. 

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