Black Women Inspiring You To Travel

I love to travel, and would probably visit any where on this planet.  ... And I have been to just about every continent, except for South America, Africa and Antartica. Asia, by far has to be my favorite continent.

I've visited international cities; Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Bangkok, Phuket (search my blog for my Thai trips) and Guatemala City, even visiting some more than twice.  ... And as far as North America and the Caribbean, I can't even count the numerous times I travel throughout this region. Just last weekend, I was in Toronto, and for Hurricane Irene, I was in Vermont.  Before that, St.Lucia for carnival.

On my current list of places I'd like to see really soon, at least within the next 2 years ... Prague or Croatia, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, or anywhere in Africa, France (only because a friend recently relocated and her pictures tease me!)

I admire people who travel. There is a sense of accepting others, unlike oneself. Plus, you've got to love meeting people and the pictures! Travel can begin in one's back yard. Just be the tourist, venture and takes lots of pictures to share with others!

So I love, "11 Black Women Inspiring Us To Travel" :
You may even follow me: The Sweet 7 Travel.  ... And a personal favorite of mine is Tonya TKO.

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  1. You MUST visit Argentina and Brasil, they are my 2 fave countries in the world!!!