Trinidad Carnival 2008 Pictures (from the fetes to the road)!

Below are pictures of a few friends of mine, including my hubby and me. I left Trinidad with over 450 pictures and with social networks like Facebook, etc ... my friends have tons more too. LOL!

Girl Power Fete!
My childhood friend is in the yellow dress,
introduced me to her Jamaican friend.
Connection: They met through the Lucian fellow 
on the phone in a pic below.
The lady to my left and I are both from St.Lucia.  
We always seem to meet and take pics at this fete every year.  
So meet her friend from St.Kitts.  LOL! 
Here, we are at the same fete in 2005.
Look at her hair style back then!
You'll meet my other friend in a second!
I bet she was saying,
 "I love the tassa drums!"
So back to Girl Power 2008!
So my hubby and my cousin decide to take a wine!
You see, the two read this sign!
Diamond Vale Breakfast Fete!
My hubby and I still standing after arriving at this party @ 4AM
We left at 12PM, next fete is at 2PM.
"Get on, get on, get on!"
Lucians ... representing with the St.Lucian Flag!
"Take out your rag, take out your flag, 
waaave - hold it, waaave - hold it!"
The Prince of Port Of Spain's Fete!
Yep, I was fortunate to have all these handsome fellows 
as room mates
"I want my rum in the morning, I want my rum in the evening!"
"Robo- Massive Wine, Robo-Massive Jump, Robo-Massive Wave, 
Start to Misbehave!
Robo-Massive Up, Robo-Massive Down, 
Robo-Massive Take Out Something and Start to Stomp on the Ground!"
On De Road!
Me with Trinidad Carnival Virgin # 1!
Me with Trinidad Carnival Virgin #2!
My Miami college friend (best friend).
She's to blame.  
She exposed me to my 1st Carnival Experience!
This was the first year we did not stay together.
She had 2 other new Trinidad Carnival Virgins!
"Tell them we BREATHLESS!"
"I just doing what I waaaannt!"
"Watch how them gyal a shake their a$$!"
"Gyal Farm!"
"The sun coulda hot like fire, we don't give a damn about weather!"
"The atmospshere is right!"
"Sweeter than sugar & spice!"
"We not leavin' till it done!"
It's sad when it's all over but here's a quote from another Miami college friend below,
"I Think TT carnival is well worth having to live off of
a Crix (crackers) and cheese budget for the rest of the year!"
... Now that's funny! Haha. But come to think of it ... it's so true!
See you next year!

Past Trinidad Carnival Pictures (what I could find!)
I played with Harts Band.
I can't seem to find a pic. now.

Don't even ask!
Again, don't even ask! LOL!
See my college friend?
Another Miami college friend.
... And the pre-baby body! Abs and all.  LOL!

Pregnant with Ava-Sol!
My friend's ex - a Jamaican.
Yep, 2 months pregnant with Ava-Sol!
No pics!
'Cause my hubby said, 


  1. hey Nyree,

    WOWIE! Look at you, you lost ALL the baby weight and man you look great!!!!! It looks like you had a great time!! Thanks for sharing


  2. Looks like you all had so much fun.