Photographer Carleen Jules

Last week The Sweet 7 posts; one required you to vote for St.Lucia, "Where in The World is Matt Lauer? Saint Lucia?" and the other revealed St.Lucia as one of the islands with the "10 Most Romantic Caribbean Sunsets."

St.Lucia is simply beautiful! 
... And Carleen Jules will prove it to you!

Photography has become a lifelong passion for St.Lucian artist, Carleen Jules.  She has experimented with various formats but is focused on developing a trademark technique, "Photo Art." The concept relies on a highly interactive relationship between her, the environment and her subject. A successful image is measured by its ability to communicate its message.

CONSULTANT: Environmental Education/Communications
Professional Photographer/Videographer
P.O. Box 1772, Castries, St. Lucia
Ph.:(758) 452 6116 Mobile:(758) 484 6770

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