Weigh It All In!

I never travel lightly!

Usually, I exit the United States with luggage packed with gifts, mail, magazines, diapers, even wipes for my daughter. Don't forget the travel wardrobe that must allow me the same comfort and convenience of my closet at home; not only clothes, but shoes (sneakers, sandals, high heels), makeup and hair products. The list goes on!

I always feel guilty even when I return, as the airline rep. labels my bag, "HEAVY." At that point, I feel the need to confess, "It's bottles of pepper sauce and seasoning. Oh and Bounty and Chairman's (St.Lucian) rum. I have frozen breadfruit to make breadfruit and cheese! Yeah, my mom also gave me some christmas fruit cake." LOL! ... And then my mind continues to roam through my checked bags and I confess to myself, "It's those christmas gifts, all those Tropical Travellers that I picked up. Now why did I bring the million and one things I did not need?"

One time, I sat waiting in Burlington Airport while my hubby went to the parking garage, an elderly lady walked by and looked at my four suitcases and then asked, "Are you relocating to Vermont?" Truth be told, I said, "Yes!" LOL! I had a flash back of Eddie Murphy when he was "Coming to America!" and his million and one suitcases!

Let's just say Caribbean people have too much style to travel lightly! Then there is always someone who needs a favor. During dinner, one night in St.Lucia, the conversation came up. The nerve, to ask someone to bring tires, even a computer. LOL! Now that WON"T work with me!

So with all the upcoming travel to Trinidad in a couple of weeks and the recent additional baggage and over weight luggage fees, I have a great solution, the Balanzza Ergonomic Digital Luggage Scale $24.95

It may not solve all your problems, but it may keep some money in your pocket! LOL!

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