Taj Weekes & Adowa - Hollow Display

I met Taj Weekes and Adowa, a roots reggae band last September for the first time, when they performed at my favorite bar in the entire world, Red Square, in Burlington, Vermont. 

Taj Weekes was born and raised on the island of St. Lucia, Weekes grew up the youngest of ten children in a family where music was always present. The radio was a source of untold treasures, playing everything from rock, country, R&B, soul, jazz and more, and Weekes grew up blissfully unaware of category or genre - to him, great music was (and is) great music no matter what the style. By age five, Taj was singing in church and by eleven he was composing his own calypso music. His older brother’s immersion in Rastafari provided Taj with a spiritual awakening and a context for his burgeoning worldview.

"Hollow Display" - Taj Weekes & Adowa 
from the album "DEIDEM" on Spectra/Jatta Records. 
Filmed on location in St. Lucia.

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