KARMA is a B....! - Cop in Moats case quits

Last week, I posted MUST SEE Unedited Video: Traffic Stop of Ryan Moats. After watching the video, I was extremely pissed with the cop and the entire situation.  I asked Sweet 7 readers to comment about their feelings after watching the video. ...And thanks to those who did comment. I do remember my last comment though ... 

What pisses me off ... how inconsiderate and heartless can you be? 



On Monday, NFL player Ryan Moats an his wife, Tamishia talk to 'Good Morning America.' Ryan Moats and his wife said they were willing to accept the apology of the Dallas police officer as they rushed to her dying mother's bedside.

Today, the police officer, Robert Powell who pulled out his gun and threatened the NFL player with jail instead of allowing him inside a hospital where his mother-in-law was dying resigned Wednesday. Read more: Cop who stopped NFL player in hospital lot resigns.

... And I hate to gloat, but KARMA baby!

In this tragedy, Tamishia Moats' mother died from Breast Cancer.  Tamishia also reminds women to regularly examine their breasts since early detection is pertinent!  Breast Cancer Early Detection Plan

A lil' advice I have learnt from my mom:
Every birthday my mom's present to herself is to visit her doctor for a series of feminine checkups - pap smears, breast exams and general health care.  I recommend an AIDS test should be added to that health check up list.

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  1. He had better resign.....the part of his 'apology' that got me, was where he said that he wishes he could apologize to the family in 'person'....right! He's PATHETIC, and you're right....Karma is a Bitch!! And this is not the end of the stick for him!