Bizarre Foods - TRINIDAD & TOBAGO!

I happened to catch this one hour show, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern - Trinidad & Tobago, on the Travel Channel. Oh lawd, he teased me with doubles, roti, shark & bake and all kind of cow soup. I hungry! LOL!

Not certain when is the next episode, but just thought you should know!


  1. AA....That must be an old show? I think I saw that episode.....that was the one where he said that he didnt enjoy Souse!!!! After he eat all kinda nasty ting, he coming to diss our souse....chooops!!!

  2. That sounds like a fun show! It would be interesting to learn about all the bizarre foods. Does he actually try everything?
    I'm going over to check the schedule, maybe I can catch an airing sometime soon, sounds cool! Thanks :)