Web sites & Tours for Women Travelers

My friends joke that I don't stay home longer than a month. Truth be told, I don't!  Yet, when I found the following article, "Web sites & Tours for Women Travelers" in the Washington Beacon, September issue, under the Travel & Leisure section (Page 61), I instantly thought of my grandmother. My mom's mom! 

In my childhood, she would travel for months. What was amazing, she'd never tell any one what her travel plans were. ... And in a time when emails were not a way of life, a post card would arrive, from some fantastic locale around the globe, just to let us know, she was still alive and where she was! Even more amazing, my grandfather got the updates just the same way too!  LOL!  This article reminded me of how far ahead of her time she truly was! Kudos. 

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  1. Thanks for this post! I love to travel and these sites are GREAT in helping me plan my trips!