Carnival Nationz Miami - DEADLINE to REGISTER!

I was on again, off again and it looks like ON-AGAIN! Whew, good thing I called ... the Carnival Nationz Miami registration deadline is over the next 2 days!

If you played  play mas with CNz in Toronto this year, you are entitiled to join CNz Miami band to play mas in Miami Carnival for a fee of $75US. This includes all amenities on the day of the parade that comes with the band (food, drinks and music!)  In order to play mas with CNz Miami, Toronto masqueraders must have "proper" costumes and a wristband (obtained when the band fee is paid). The deadline for payment is  Saturday, September 12.

New revellers (those who did not jump CARIBANA 2009) still have one more day to register.  The cost is $140US for males and $160US for females.  The deadline for registration and payment is Friday, September 11.

Ellie ... I'm coming to meet you! LOL!

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