Ladies, ladies, ladies ... in 2008, I introduced you to a hair site "Healthy Hair Textures" that grew tremendously, eventually a membership fee was charged to join. How disappointing, 'cause not until recently have I found another hair care site comparable! I stumbled upon this new site, thanks to a BlackBerry status posted by the site's resident "CHEMIST" ... an initial fan of, and now friend to The Sweet 7, Tiffany (aka DaJewel). Tiffany is another carnival lover such as myself and soon enough we realized we had mutual friends in common. Small world, I tell ya!
Seen here: Tiffany and I are in the middle of 2 of those mutual friends! focuses on healthy haircare and styling for natural kinky, curly, coily heads. The site debunks the misconception that natural hair cannot be manageable without the aid of relaxers and that afro-textured hair cannot grow long. The site shows that kinky, curly, coily naturals come in a variety of skin colors with unique hair qualities (tight curls to loose curls), which are a testament to the amazing variety within the diaspora. Lastly, but certainly not least, the site proves that naturals can use the same products that are marketed to those with naturally straight hair (as opposed to products that have been historically marketed to us and that happen to have not so good ingredients).
The founder, Curly Nikki, started the website to document her haircare journey from relaxed to natural. The site has since grown to offer a plethora (and that's an understatement) of resources: hair journeys from countless naturally glam hair idols, product reviews (mainly from CurlyNikki), hairstyling for natural children, hairstyling for different lengths (twa, shoulder length and beyond), contests to win free products, CurlyNikki's hair revelations, a resident doctor to discuss certain health concerns and their affect on the hair, a resident cosmetologist and a curly chemist (me/DaJewel!) to analyze products based on ingredients and performance.
About DaJewel (friend to The Sweet 7)
"Curly Chemist" @
I found the site in the middle of last year, and have been following it faithfully ever since. Over time I reached out to CurlyNikki and the other members. she then invited me to be the curly chemist.
DaJewel's Background as a Chemist:
I earned my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Barry University. During this time, I conducted research with my professor and advisor, Dr. George Fisher. I also conducted research at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Florida. I did a research internship in Naples, Italy, through the Minority International Research Training (MIRT). I have presented posters at two American Chemical Society meetings and one Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) symposium. Datum that I generated while working with Dr. Fisher contributed to an article that was published in Amino Acids.
I have experience in method development, formulations, regulatory affairs and quality assurance in the following industries: cosmetic (Jason Cosmetics), food (Herbalife) and biopharmaceutical (Amgen). While working as a chemist (i don't feel comfortable listing my current place of employment due to a possible 'conflict of interest' with them and what i do on my own time), I am also pursing my Master of Science in Biotechnology/Bioscience Regulatory Affairs at Johns Hopkins University. I am a member of the American Chemical Society, Sigma Xi National Research Honor Society and Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Honor Society.
DaJewel's advice to women who want to switch from relaxed/constant heat styling to natural:
-Analyze why you want to go natural. Understanding the why could help you when you work through possible frustration when trying to find the right products and regimen for your hair.
-Decide if you want to transition or big chop (bc) and how you would like to do it. Everyone's hair journey is different because everyone is different. Find a way to get to the natural hair that fits your comfort level and lifestyle
-Don't get a texturizer because they are relaxers - not every cosmetologist is correctly informed about the science of hair.
-Understand that there will be negative comments. Don't study them.
-Find support in other naturals via anyway possible. This could be helpful when finding a hair twin to help you figure out what hair products to use
-Constant MOISTURE AND PROTEIN at every step of the hair regimen are essential to hair health (and thus growth). It has been scientifically shown that relaxed/heat styled hair needs approximately three times moisture and protein as compared to natural heads. This means relaxed/heat styled hair is actually more work than natural hair. Also, moisture and protein will play a big role in making sure the area where the new growth and processed hair won't break.
-Also, using protective styles (two/three strand twists, flat-twists, cornrows, bantu knots, bunning, etc) will promote moisture retention, hair growth (because you are simply leaving your hair alone), reduce tangles and can be two styles in one.
-Try to keep your ends off of your shoulders because the friction created by the fabric will dry out your hair and cause possible hair breakage-sleep with a satin/silk scarf and/or pillowcase. This will be imperative in retaining moisture in your hair-healthy hair doesn't need to be trimmed all of the time because it will have thrived under the unique protein/moisture balance-kinky, coily, curly hair may look tough, but actually its the most delicate hair in the hair type spectrum. as such, treat it like delicate lace and it will be good to you. Don't comb the hair when its dry. Instead, if you have to comb through it, do it when its wet and has loads of detangler in it. Some people (for example, me) eliminate the use of combs and just use fingers to detangle.
-The very nature of our hair makes it naturally prone to being dry, and as such, our hair pretty much drinks up moisture like is going outta style.
-Stay away from products with sulfates (they are harsh detergents in most shampoos that have been scientifically proven to dry out the hair), mineral oils and petroleum.
-Healthy hair does not need expensive products. Healthy hair products can be found in your kitchen.
-When in doubt, simply listen to what your hair needs.
-Once you find a set regimen that works, stick to it.
-These tips can also be used to maintain relaxed hair, but remember its actually more work to maintain healthy, relaxed hair.
Carnival Hair Tip
-Due to the harsh environmental effects during carnival, I highly suggest all heads to do intense moisture and protein conditioning before, during and after carnival. 'Cuz fab hair can't stop, won't stop after all the feting (partying).
The Sweet 7 ... what I do:
Not a stranger to boy cuts, the in between phase and long hair, I have a trick for the initial grow out phase from short to long hair or from relaxed to natural hair. I simply ONLY TEXTURIZE my front hair line, and sometimes the back. Personally, I prefer a smooth hairline. Yet, this leaves the rest of my hair (the growth) natural!

Anyway here is a video from a member, revealing her big chop! Love it!
Thanks Tif (Dajewel)
See you on the road!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Dajewel rocks, and I'm so grateful to have her as a part of the team.
    Me and the hubby are actually coming your way in the next two months! We had so much fun in St. Lucia and St. Kitts, that we've decided to have a repeat honeymoon :)