Makeup for TRIBE's Mystery of Loulan & Charmeuse

Mystery of Loulan seems to be the "IT" TRIBE costume of 2010. The costume is lovely and I see a "GODDESS" wearing it. Hence my selection of the VIKTOR & ROLF 2006 runway makeup look. It allows the costume to speak for itself, yet making the wearer tres fabulous and chic! .. And as one makeup artist describes the look, "... as one of those expensive European women that go to the beach , they look fabulous but you know they look natural but you know they've been done!" in this video. That's exactly how I envision the makeup for Loulan!

VIKTOR ROLF & Fall Spring 2006 Ready To Wear

TIP: For a sun kissed look apply blush in the shape of the number "3," temples, cheeks and jaw line:

Sun-Kissed Cheeks

... And since it's hard to find makeup tutorials by black girls on Youtube, check out her smokey eye.

Look for a shimmering brown / chocolate eyeshadow, to get the look above or find a shimmering blue to get more of a Versace runway makeup look, seen below!

Versace Fall 2006

Versace Fall RTW 2009 ... although I like this shimmery blue look, I think it's too dark for Loulan. I think it would work better for TRIBE costume Charmeuse (seen below), but instead of blue, opt for a shimmery turquoise or purple.


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  1. Woo hoo!! That is my section (Mystery of Loulan). I'm Premium FL.

    Renee Milford, a makeup artist you featured a few months ago, is actually doing my makeup on Carnival Tuesday. I'm so excited :-)