Christmas Gifts ... made with love!

Ah ... christmas is 'round the corner and I have no desire to head to the mall this season. NONE.  ... And the only thing that really excites me at this point is anything sparkly ... GLITTER.  But that's for another post, I suppose! Anyway are there people on your list whom you would like to give a lil' something this season? 

In my world, that entails my daughter's school and ballet teachers, her bus driver and the vet who saved my ten year old cat a few months ago! Maybe you're invited to a last minute event ... like I was, by my neighbors. So I decided ... BAKE!

Not too costly ... lots of love.  ... And in this post, I am sharing my baked goodies and an affordable way to wrap them.  A simple trip to a local Dollar Store. My home made gift was truly a lil' taste of the Caribbean - black cake, spice, and coconut!  ... And to give you an idea, I made the following gift cards and attached them to every package.

Fruit Cake Minis


Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

Dollar Store Finds:
Toy Soldiers ... 2 for 25 cents
Gift Bags ... 2 for $1
Foil Containers ... 3 for $1

To see the love and effort made for these home made gifts, I am sharing the Facebook album, The Process ... Baking & Packaging. ... And I will share the chocolate dipped coconut macaroon recipe over the weekend, 'cause this recipe is so easy and tastes like Caribbean coconut balls with chocolate!

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