Shurwayne Winchester - WORK IT : St.Lucian Produced

No lie ... I am trying my hardest not to get caught up, listening to Trini Soca 2012.  'Cause I don't know, despite having my TRIBE 2012 costume and a husband who has carnival fever, how I am going to be carnival ready. PRESSURE. 

Anyway, I clicked play on this Shurwayne Winchester "WORK IT" video, only to say "but this sounds like our (St.Lucian) music ... it has a zouk feel."  Only to realize the track was produced by Courtney 'Curty' Louis, of Dutch Productions out of St. Lucia.

Courtney (L) & Shurwayne (R)

So lovin' this ... 


  1. I hear you about not being carnival ready..but, we have 7 weeks to go.. Focus... you can do it!

  2. OMG ... this put the biggest smile on my face! Can't tell you. I felt like you gave me the wake up slap, get out of your misery! LMAO.