My St.Lucia Easter 2012 Album

In the FB album 'In St.Lucia ... for Easter',  you got a glimpse of some the St.Lucian goodies I'd eaten early into my trip. I also gave you a first hand look at my son since his birth 3 months ago. I even joked that I had no clue why I had not a picture of my daughter as yet. Anyway the following includes pictures of my daughter. ... Ohhh, how she has grown into quite the little lady, not the baby you've known!

Anyway I am sharing pictures of my island, in the hope that you keep St.Lucia on your radar, particularly for an early visit, either during the annual St.Lucia Jazz Festival in May or St.Lucia Carnival in July.  Truly any time you can make a visit to my island, will do! 

BTW did you know Kanye West just splurged on a £30000 luxury St.Lucian holiday in the hopes of impressing Kim Kardashian? Lots more pictures ... 


  1. Great pics Nyree. My favourite is the crab and coral-beautiful!! Can't wait to go home!!

  2. Hey Nyree, i haven't been on the Sweet 7 in a while and just had a look and read a few of your articles and i just wanted to say its really well done, the articles, the tips the pics so well done and you make St. Lucia and the Caribbean look amazing. Keep it up.