Toronto Carnival 2012 - TRIBAL Band Launch Juicy Fruit Pictures & Video

What's a girl to do when her friend is not only a TRIBAL co-band leader (rival to her usual band) but also the section leader of TRIBAL's hottest section for 2012? Hmm. At this point in time, I can only say "I love you but I do look forward to the Carnival Nationz launch next week!"  *And from the looks of this sneak peek ... CNz is tempting*

This weekend, I went to Toronto for TRIBAL (Knights) 2012 band launch of Candyland. And although I was at the launch, I can't say that I saw much of it! I was busy enjoying myself with my cousin and friends in the back of the hall. My hubby got up close to the stage for a few pictures. I did manage to catch a glimpse of my friend's 'Juicy Fruit' section and my OH-SO JUICY model friends. My four friends licked down the stage on Saturday night with their insane bodies and smiles!

Two of the female Juicy Fruit models are from St.Lucia. Each is known to model for rival bands, Just 4 Fun and Red Unlimited in St.Lucia. On Saturday night, they modelled in the same section along with a female model from Guyana and 1 Jamaican male model.

Juicy Fruit 'moved ya', apparent by the firestorm of tweets, BBMs, FB messages, tagging, adding of friends, etc ... pure social networking, the morning after the launch!

The section Juicy Fruit like the packaging of the brand of chewing gum made by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company consists of bright yellow, red and blue. There will be 3 costume options from wires bras, thongs to backpacks. Prices to soon follow, I've been told by Friday when the TRIBAL website launches.  

Costume Models: Left to right  - Guyana, St.Lucia, Jamaica and St.Lucia

BTW ... I never got my luggage over the weekend.  I was pissed, especially since it came only 2 hours before I returned home to Virginia. Anyway I was shocked that stores close by 6pm on a Saturday afternoon in Canada. The biggest shocker .... I was able to get this white shirt in of all places, a supermarket!  *Hands to my head* ... it saved me!  Fortunately, I was able to do a one stop shop. I bought a few toiletries and other personals. ... And thankfully, I had my usual makeup bag with foundation, blush, eyeliner and a red lipstick. I usually have at least 3 lip colors on hand at any time. Stranger, my green clutch had jewelry too!  LOL! Psshhh, I can laugh now ... again I was fuming, especially the day after the TRIBAL launch when the liquor wore off!

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