How To Look Good on A Webcam

"If the saying “the camera adds ten pounds” is true, then we have a new one: A webcam adds fifteen, plus about 50 shades of creepiness. 

To find out how to look more like ourselves (and less like an online predator) over Google video chat and Skype, we ask L.A.-based photographer/director Matthew Rolston for tips. In today’s video, he tells us how to sit, position the camera, and light our face for maximum attractiveness. 

We’re in good hands with Rolston, who was discovered by Andy Warhol in the early ’80s. He’s photographed everyone you can think of, from Angelina for the cover of Rolling Stone to Alexander Skarsgård in the buff, covered in fake blood. WATCH here. For more information on Rolston, go to Then watch our video on how to pose for a still photograph." - Daily Candy

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