Brooke Bailey Joins BasketBall Wives L.A - Beauty Secrets

'Basketball Wives LA' returns to VH1 in September 10th with two new cast mates.Viewers will be introduced to Brooke Bailey, a model and video vixen who is also the ex-girlfriend of Miami Heat's Rashard Lewis.  In 2009, I interviewed Brooke and got a few of her beauty secrets.

You've probably seen Brooke Bailey in music videos, such as Lil Wayne "Lolipop," Webbie/ Lil Boosie "Independent," Akon f/Snoop Dogg "I Wanna Love You," The Game ft. Nas "Hustlin," The Game ft.  Kanye West "Wouldn't Get Far," Three6Mafia ft. Camillionaire "Dope Boy Fresh," 50 Cent "Amusement Park," "Rich Boy ft. Pollow Da Don "Throw Some D's," Brick & Lace "Never," Ugk ft. Outkast "Internantional Player's Anthem," Swizz Beatz "It's Me Snitches" or P.Diddy ft Mario Winans "Through The Pain".

I never noticed or knew of her back then, and I truly blame that on then living in Vermont, and not having BET.  In 2009, she was on my radar cause Brooke was in Candy Girls on E!, as the self-proclaimed diva of the group and the ultimate hustler in the game. "She is sexy and confident and makes sure everyone knows not to mess with her. However, she understands exactly how valuable her time and beauty is and will find a way to be sure she is set for the future, possibly by one of the many men who are always chasing her," quoting E! 

It was episode 3, Brooke went on a dinner date with rapper Red Cafe (of Afro-Guyanese descent), I marveled at the restaurant light on her skin. .. And she was stunning. It was from that moment, I realized she had that 'BOOM, BOOM, POW!'

Here are Brooke Bailey's beauty secrets ... 

The Sweet 7 interview with Brooke Bailey.  

Brooke shares her beauty secrets ladies ...

What are your beauty secrets? 

I drink lots of water and I truly believe in the spa. You have to work just as hard when you're not working to rid yourself of the stress that we deal with from our demanding careers.

What are 3 beauty products that you cannot live without? 

I live by a face moisturizer from Skin Essence called Fountain of Youth. It's great for oily or dry skin. I also couldn't live without their facial shampoo and last but not least I love shea butter on my body. It keeps my skin very smooth.

In the most recent episode ... you took Terricka to a spa.

Yes! I took Terricka to Skin Essence in Inglewood, CA. I go at least twice a month to get a facial and a body polish. Spas are great for the mind, body and soul.

What body treatment did you get? 

Oops! I already answered that. I guess I couldn't wait to share that with the world. I also get a massage on those trips.

What is the purpose of that particular treatment? 

The purpose of the body polish is to rid your skin from all the dead skin cells and to keep your skin as youthful and healthy as we can.

How do you get your skin to glow, especially your cheeks? 

Well my skin has a natural glow because of all the water that I drink and the herbs that I take.

Which makeup do you use or what is your favorite makeup?

I use MAC. I don't like a lot of makeup everyday. But, I must say that MAC is my favorite!

Which blush do you use or what is your favorite blush?

Format from MAC is my favorite.

How do you get your eyes to pop? 

Well I have nice size eyes. So most colors that I use will stand out. But, there's a trick for smaller eyes. Use a white eye liner on the inside of the bottom lid and it will give an appearance of a larger and brighter eye.

... And you have a beautiful smile, do you have any tips for such white teeth? 

The crest white strips really work. I suggest that everyone go in to your dentist for a great cleaning at least twice a year and floss daily. If you can afford it, Brite Smile can work wonders for some people.

Also since you are a dark skin black beauty, do you have any advice for dark skin women who may not feel beautiful or who may feel insecure about their beauty? 

Beauty comes from within, no matter your skin color.  It should show from your soul to your eyes. Never let your skin color judge your status in life!

Do you have any beauty tips for dark skin ladies, you may like to share? 

My grandmother is a very fair lady. She always says that she envies dark skin women because all the old dark skin women at her church don't have as many wrinkles as her ... LOL.  As dark skin women we have to set an example for everyone who is running to the tanning salon trying to mimic our complexion which is be healthy from the inside to outside first and then focus on what everyone else sees!

Brooke & The JOB!

What is your resume?

My resume is pretty long. I graced the covers of Lowrider mag and Black Mens mag. I've had layouts in King and Smooth mag to name a few. I've co-starred in lots of music videos such as Lil Boosie "Wipe Me Down," Webbie "Independent," 50 Cent "Amusement Park," Lil Wayne "Lolipop," and so many more. My latest is the new hit show on E! as a model and television personality representing Bella Inc. Agency in Beverly hills, CA!

How should I or how do you refer to yourself?  ... Model, Video Vixen? 

I am a Model/Television personality!

What makes 'Brooke Bailey' the perfect lady for 'THE JOB'? 

I feel like I'm the perfect lady for the job because I am very confident and very hard working. I'm very in tuned with the entertainment industry and the streets and bring them everything that they could ask when I'm working and entertaining my fans. I'll never let them down.

Why should people watch 'Candy Girls' on E!?

People should watch Candy Girls because it's an inside look at me and the other ladies that represent hip hop. We're here to show the behind the scenes of our careers and to show people that what we do is a business. Not a groupie alliance!

Brooke Bailey Instagram: @BrookeBaileyInc

Photo Source: Brooke Bailey

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