MIAMI Carnival 2012 for Dummies

It's important that you do take note ...


And in case you newbies need some advice for Miami Carnival this year, Generation X  Carnival band has posted some Miami Carnival DO's and DON'Ts. Continue for the carnival prep ... 

• Pick your band carefully. If you cross the stage and it’s only 2pm in the afternoon…you didn’t pick well. The biggest and sexiest bands go last.
• You wouldn’t jump off the couch and run a marathon…Don’t do carnival without training. You will be jumping and wining in the hot sun for at least 8-10 ho
• If you are out of shape…stop the sugar, rice, pasta and bread.
• If you need one single exercise…do walking lunges…every day
• Fellas---shave under your arms….the hair scares the women and fucks up the picts
• Ladies..shave your legs….the hair scares us and fucks up the picts

On de road

• Hydration starts DAYS before not hours. Every year we send people to the Hospital. You’re in Miami Bitch…it’s hot!
• Try carrying a camelback or other hydration pack. You might look silly, but you will be standing.
• Get dressed at the stadium…always amazes me how many people’s costumes are jacked up from the ride to the stadium.
• Carry ONLY an ATM card, a license and some cash in a small container that you can tie on you.
• Carry your phone if has a camera otherwise…who you calling?
• If I see you with a disposable camera I will snatch it and break it. It’s 2012…time to invest in at least a $20 digital.
• Make sure your batteries and memory card are good to go.
• Buy some gel in-soles for your shoes
• You may want to try an old runners trick…rub some anti-perspirant on your feet…reduces blisters
• Don’t forget your flag and temp Tattoos!
• Forget your whistle
• Don’t carry too much shit. You will need a free hand for your drink cup and the other hand to lean on whomever your wining with.
• Women…no fanny packs/bum bags…we trying to wine up…not get stabbed by your eyebrow pencil.

Carnival Etiquette

• Fella…it’s just a wine…she’s not trying to marry you
• Ladies…it’s just a wine…he’s not trying to marry you
• Whoever you think you are crossing the stage with…you won’t
• If you stay in your section…you are extremely dull….you have hours to wander about….so wander
• The crowd has been sitting there for hours…give them a wine too!
• Have fun…drink till you love everyone…and wine till your back breaks!

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