How to Thrift

This young lady got my attention when her comment came across my FB newsfeed, "I'm about to go to dinner then off for a night of thrifting. Since I got out of class so late, I probably won't make it to the HUGE thrift store, which sucks, but hopefully I'll find some gems! Wish me luck :)."

When she updated her status 3 hours later with a picture of her finds with the caption, "These are what I scored tonight. I went to a small store so the pickings were small, BUT... hey :) $15 bucks for everythang #powpow," she got me hyped! LOL!

Here are My Thrifted Closet's tips on how to thrift (and the bigger picture - style).

As for my thrifting habits, I most enjoy buying bags and costume jewelry. I love my pieces, even more because they costed me very little, and make a statement. See my past thrift/vintage store finds ...

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