Penny Piece - The St.Lucian Easter Treat

You know it's Easter when I'm making penny piece in my house hold. 

Penny Piece  Pain Epice ♥ Pennepis 
Who knows which is the correct spelling?

... And the story goes ... 

Penny Piece ... in the early days, it used to cost a penny for a piece
Pain Epice ... with St.Lucia's French influence, this translates to 'spice bread'
Pennepis ... spelt as pronounced

It is a delicious, crispy, paper thin St.Lucian ginger treat, traditionally eaten during the Lenten Season. Nowadays, it can be found on supermarket shelves, all year round. As a child, I remember my grandfather, 'Cabs' Lawrence would bring a brown paper bag filled with it from Miss Simmons on High Street, Castries. Sadly, my grandfather and Miss Simmons died many years ago, but every year during this time, their memories live on because of this Easter treat.

Fortunately, my mom taught me to make it when I was a child. During the last few Easters, I had a tiny helper who made a bigger flour bomb mess. The picture below was her first year. This year was slightly different, she was my little assistant. And while my hubby still remains neutral, my 15 month old son devours it! At the rate, the kids and I devour it, by next year, I might add my son to the production line. This is one family tradition.

Don't be fooled by the simple ingredients, this is probably one of the most tedious treats to make!

This is when my daughter first started to help make penny piece.


  1. Hi! I am also a Lucian living in NY. I came back from St. Lucia yesterday and I was eating through the 5 bags of penny piece I brought back TOO fast. I decided to look up the recipe (if I could possibly find it, I've looked before). When I found this post I was so happy! I'm going to try my hand at it tomorrow, I hope it comes out good because I don't have much left!

    Thank you!

  2. Welcome back! Happy you found this post and good luck with your first attempt of our St.Lucian Easter treat.

    ... And HAPPY EASTER!